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Australia – India business class return tickets for AUD 208!

Mumbai, India is far far away from Brisbane, Australia; a tad more than 10,000 km is what the world’s favourite search engine informs us. It also informs us that there are no direct flights between the two cities (at least, at the time of writing) and that the cost of the cheapest economy class return ticket is approximately AUD 1,000 (about INR 50,000).
But don’t trust us blindly on these figures. We urge you to do a little web searching on your own.

Now, distance and price are simple numbers and can be compared. Air travel, just like other aspects of life, is full of unquantifiable factors. There are things like “ease” and “comfort” which one cannot measure in the true sense. But we all know and understand their importance.

Problems with the cheapest economy fare tickets

Amongst others, there are two striking bothersome “issues” that come with the cheapest economy class tickets. The first is pretty apparent – being crammed into a small seat between two strangers for hours on end. The second one, however, is not so obvious and often overlooked – layover time. And in our case of no direct flights between Brisbane and Mumbai, layover time takes a whole new meaning! There are flights that take close to 24 hours!

Now if you’re on vacation, what is the whole idea of arriving tired and weary? Shouldn’t you be enjoying and relaxing instead of whiling away time at unfamiliar airports?

Why fly economy when business class is cheaper? YES!

These are the things that crossed the mind of one of our clients. So instead of worrying and wasting time, he contacted us.

We call him back with the following deal.

  • Flight time of under 16 hours.
  • Layover at Singapore of only 2½ hours. (Changi, Singapore is one of the best airports in the world.)
  • Most convenient flight timings on both legs of the journey.
  • And finally, drum roll please…. Business class return tickets for less than AUD 208! (The scans of the tickets are at the bottom of the post.)

Best business class deal for Mumbai – Australia return tickets

This has to be put in bold once more. Business Class return ticket from Australia (Brisbane/Sydney) to Mumbai for only AUD 208 and redemption of 1,52,000 reward miles.
(FYI, scans of the return tickets are at the end of the post).

But figures and numbers aside, let us come back to the unquantifiable factors. Booking tickets is actually a stressful job for most people… including those who travel regularly. This is because one always wants the best deals (in simple monetary terms, of course). But what is ignored is the wasted time and energy sieving through all the information on the web.

At HappyMiles, we do this day in and day out. And not to sound boastful, we are pretty good at it! We thoroughly enjoy our work because each request is taken as a challenge. Digging out the best deals and passing the benefits to our clients is what gets our adrenalin pumping.

So if you have upcoming travel plans, give us a call and let us get back with an unbeatable offer.

Mumbai - Sydney (Australia) Business Class Ticket Scan (Front)
Mumbai - Sydney (Australia) Business Class Ticket Scan (Back)

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