Qantas reserves A-380 super jumbo for frequent flyer points bookings

“No seats.”

This phrase is familiar to anyone who has tried to book a flight using points on the Qantas site. Finite availability for points bookings basically means you often cannot get the exact date or class you were expecting.

Although this will not be the case with a flight from Melbourne to Tokyo on October 21 this year, after this airline announced an entire Airbus A380 superjumbo would be entirely reserved for those who want to book using their frequent flyer points.

The first “Points Plane” is available for bookings from Thursday, May 16 and is the first of what Qantas Airline promises there will be a series of similar flights across its network.

Every one of the 484 seats on the superjumbo would be accessible for focuses appointments, including 14 top of the line, 64 business class and 35 premium economy class seats. The long-standing customer individuals would have an equivalent chance to book the seats paying little heed to their status.

“This is the first occasion when we have devoted a whole flying machine – not to mention an A380 – to our   customers, and we are hoping to see noteworthy interest for these flights,” Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said.

“In the event that this idea is a triumph, which we figure it will be, Qantas would like to work increasingly standard Frequent Flyer just flights to other worldwide and local goals sooner rather than later.”

The carrier showed the future flights including the alleged Points Planes would come up when Qantas expected to move the unscheduled flying machine around its system for operational and business reasons.

The number of focus required to book a single direction situate on the main Points Plane will be 35,000 for an economy class; 54,000 for the premium economy; 72,000 for business class and 108,000 for top notch. The focuses sums do exclude charges and different expenses and charges.

Long-standing customer plans have turned out to be worthwhile organizations for, who pitch focuses to outsiders like banks, inns and vehicle employ administrators who at that point utilize the focuses to compensate faithfulness from their own clients. Qantas earned nearly $400 million from its long-standing customer program last money related year.

The carrier has acquainted some bizarre ways with procuring focuses as of late, including while you rest by means of a prosperity application.

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