Much more value for your Reward Points than you can ever imagine

Why Happy Miles to earn and redeem Credit Card Points?

People are obsessed with collecting Frequent Flyer Miles & Credit Card Reward Points but research confirms most of us are unaware of how best to utilize them. What is the point of collecting these if you can’t redeem credit card reward points to get the most value out of them?
That’s where HappyMiles helps you & your business.

We are the only Frequent Flyer & Reward Point experts in India and, being experts, we dig deeper to pinpoint the best ways to collect and redeem credit card reward points. Nobody matches up when it comes to the knowledge that really matters across all major airline & credit card loyalty programmes.

What we do

We help SMEs and individuals earn more credit card reward points by advising them on the right credit cards, enhancing the usage that results in more point accumulation, thereby cutting your leisure/business travel costs.

Being mavericks in ways to redeem credit card reward points, we work out the best combinations of frequent flyer programs and credit cards to be used together to get the best value business class tickets. We also solve the difficulty of booking hard-to-find and fast changing reward flights.


Suresh Danani is India’s Points Guru

Hi, I am Suresh Danani, Founder & CEO, Happy Miles. We are the only Reward Point experts in India giving you the joy of flying Premium Business Class at less than half-price.

We have several years of experience in making our customers fly Business Class & extracting premium value for your Credit Card Reward Points & Frequent Flyer Miles without compromising on the comforts of flying FLAT.

Together with my team of experts, we get you the best advice and service enabling you to fly smoothly to your dream destination, be it for business or pleasure.


  • Manish Nagpal

    Dr Manish Nagpal, Director-Retina Foundation

    Happy miles has changed the way i looked at credit cart spending. Suresh made me realise how i could capitalise on valuable air miles by judiciously choosing and using a unique combination of credit cards. He is a one stop shop and one phone call away for any query related to the travel and leisure using redemptions on air miles.

  • Samita Vaish Agarwal

    Mrs. Smita Vaish Agarwal,Dir and CFO-PTC Industries

    Suresh ji and Happy Miles have helped us tremendously in managing our travel and credit card points. His approach is very flexible and supportive. He patiently helped us in finding the right ways to accumulate reward points and then translate them into great deals for tickets. His understanding and knowledge of this area is excellent and he continuously helps to find the best deals and services to make travel and credit card experiences more rewarding.

  • Kiron Chopra

    Mr. Kiron Chopra,Managing Director, Chopra Retec Rubber Products Ltd.

    We have been using the servies of Happy Miles & are thrilled with results. Suresh has advised us on selecting the right Credit Cards which has helped us accumulate a lot of Credit Card reward points & these have been convert to Airmiles. He also manages & advises on accumulating frequent flyer miles and combining both we have been able to book business class tickets time & again at unbelievable low prices. We highly recommend Happy Miles.

  • Shobhit Chawla

    Dr Shobhit Chawla,Prakash Netra Kendr - Gomti Nagar.

    I joined happy miles as I wanted to build up on my Credit Card Reward Points. I have been able to do the same and now only travel Business Class without having to pay the premium fares. Happy Miles has always found me point seats even at very short notice. They are extremely professional and very courteous in their services.

  • Bipin Gurnani

    Bipin Gurnani,CEO - Prozone Intu.

    From Managing our various Frequent Flyer Miles to helping us accumulate Credit card reward points, Happy Miles has been instrumental in getting us business class seats using these on many different airlines at wow prices. Their service is very very dependable & cost effective.

  • Prathmesh Mishra

    Mr Prathmesh Mishra,CCO., Diageo - India.

    Services provided by Happy Miles have always been quick and simple. They saved me from spending money on Business Class Tickets and helped me book them at very reasonable price. They have always exceeded my expectations and provided the perfect end-to-end solution to travel in style.

  • Yasho Vardhan

    Mr Yasho Vardhan,MD- Balaji Wires.

    I chose Happy Miles because I simply could not find any other Travel Consultancy that guided me towards everything related to Credit Card Reward Points, Frequent Flyer Air Miles, Conversion of Air Miles into Business Class tickets and much more just under one Platform.

  • Priyanka Saraff

    Mrs. Priyanka Saraff,Director- Avadh Rail Infra.

    From having no idea about Credit Card Reward Points and Frequent Flyer Air Miles to traveling in Business class at less than half-price, Happy Miles has done everything with almost no effort from my side. I completely trust their team and would recommend others to consult them too.